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D-TEX Wood pulp composite non-woven fabric

Wood pulp non-woven fabric is made of imported high-quality wood pulp fiber and special synthetic fiber through advanced spunlace composite equipment. Wood pulp cloth does not contain any chemical resins, adhesives and other ingredients, and has the characteristics of high strength and durability, strong dust absorption and liquid absorption, high efficiency and cleaning, and it is not easy to drop dust.



● Compactness: The fibrous structure is dense, not easy to fall off, and keep the fabric lint free;

● Dust holding capacity: unique pattern design, stronger dust holding capacity and more thorough dust removal;

● Decontamination: The surface texture of the product increases the friction between the wiping material and the surface of the object to be wiped, which can remove oil and stains and improve work efficiency;

● Excellent liquid absorption: super liquid absorption capacity, soft hand feeling, can quickly absorb water, oil and other liquids;

● Safety: natural materials, without any adhesives;

● Stability: resistant to chemical solvents;

● Excellent physical properties: excellent breaking strength, economical and efficient

Basic Information
  • Year Established
  • Business Type
    Manufacturing Industry
  • Country / Region
  • Main Industry
    Functional Fabric
  • Main Products
    Woodpulp spunlace nonwoven, spunlaced nonwoven, spunlace jumbo rolls
  • Enterprise Legal Person
    Ding shuang
  • Total Employees
    101~200 people
  • Annual Output Value
    10000 tons
  • Export Market
    European Union
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Company Profile
Welcome to D-TEX Nonwovens company, we focus on researching, developing and manufacturing of spun lace nonwoven, since 2007.
We specialized on a broad range of wood pulp spun lace nonwoven material, 100% biodegradable spun lace material, Flushable material for wet wipes,100% PP meltblown fabric. And we supply OEM/ODM service for customers.
D-TEX NONWOVENS is one of the few companies worldwide that have mastered liquid pulp jet and entangle with fibers.
Liquid wood pulp mix thoroughly, jet and entangle with fibers, like polyester, viscose and lyocell etc. In view of the proprietary liquid pulp technology, our woodpulp spunlace nonwoven fabric is more entangled and not easy to peel off.
Widely used in various industrial fields.
On this basis, we can provide different dyeing and embossing schemes according to customer requirements.

D-TEX NONWOVENS is first established in Suzhou China. The first production line for spunlace nonwoven was putting in. Supplying nonwoven disposable wipes for domestic electronic factory including Foxconn.
We still focus on white color wood pulp spun lace material. The wipes made from our material is recognized by the market. We began entering the new wipes market of automotive manufacturing.
With the saturation of productivity, we expanded the plant and added two new production lines of woodpulp spunlace nonwoven. One of them specializes in the production of dyeing products. According to changes in market demand, four new types of embossing equipment have been added to provide customers with more choices.
After 5 years of growth, our market in the fields of electronic wipes and automotive manufacturing wipes is very stable, mainly in southern China. We began to develop the northern Chinese market in a planned way, and began to try to export our products.

In order to better serve the northern market, We decided to set up an office in Beijing, D-TEX(BEIJING)NONWOVENS CO., LTD. was born. Fully responsible for the North China market and foreign trade export business. In the same year, we added a product processing workshop and started converting finished products by ourselves. Ended the single raw material business model.

This year we have increased our investment in R&D laboratories. The growth of the R&D team has laid a good foundation for new products in the next few years.

We have overcome the technical problems of the new 100% biodegradable materials! We have developed several different 100% biodegradable spunlace nonwoven materials. These include new materials for flushing wet wipes. We have added a new production line, specializing in the production of this material suitable for the sanitary field


This year, saw a major investment in new production lines. The line for wood pulp spunlace non-woven fabrics with a width of 320cm has been built. The carding and laying equipment imported from Italy can provide a full range of parallel lapping or cross lapping products.


We supply OEM/ODM service for customers.  If you have questions about spunlace nonwoven or pp melt blown, write to us!


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